These are tough times that we live in. People all over the world are struggling and now more than ever, we see the importance of us working collectively.

It could be as simple as staying at home and staying positive – for those that have to get up everyday and take care of our society– our front liners, our medical team, the people at the grocery store, our delivery team, and many more.

In this moment, we are so grateful for this platform that allows us to share a list of support funds that can further assist the key groups in this time of need. These are funds that help support our frontliners (equipment, sustenance, etc) and also vulnerable groups like the elderly, refugees, migrant workers that find themselves out of work and without means of supporting their family. It might seem little, but we are the helping hand that they need to get through this difficult time.

As always, we urge you to do your part and stay at home – it might be the simplest of things, but by doing so, you WILL be protecting your life, your loved ones, and many others.

There is beauty in such darkness and from what I see is the light of humanity that shines through to support one another.

Stay safe, darlings, and stay at home.

The Petit Moi team



IKHLAS aims to support Muslim communities around the world by providing unparalleled access to faith-based practices.

Under SADAQAH with IKHLAS, they are collecting donations to assist and provide relief to communities in need especially during this pandemic




2. FV For Frontliners:

Covid-19 Support Fund 2.0

Vivy Yusof, husband Fadza Anuar and FashionValet team are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of IMARET (IMAM Response & Relief Team).

As we self-isolate with the rest of the world, it didn’t feel right that we just do that when our healthcare system needs our support. More cases are rising and this is our chance to help get our hospitals as ready as possible to combat COVID19 and save lives. We hope you will help us with this cause and donate any amount to help others around us. We are stronger together!


3. Food Aid Foundation

What Does Food Aid Foundation Do?

Food Aid Foundation is a non-profit governmental organization (NGO) that is a ‘Food Bank’ where manufacturers, distributors, wholesaler, retailers,companies or people can  donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and distributed to charitable/welfare homes, volunteer welfare organisation, refugees community, poor families, destitute and soup kitchen.

​In short we rescue surplus food from the supply chain and distributing it to people in need.




4. Islamic Relief Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) a pandemic and following to the catastrophic coronavirus outbreak, Islamic Relief Malaysia expressed concern by launching the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal to provide aid to the affected citizens.

Among the measures taken by the government in every country to curb the virus spread and flattening the curve of death are imposing the total lockdown, movement control order and conduct centralized isolation.

In Malaysia, the government has imposed the restricted movement order starting March 18 until March 31 throughout the whole country with the exception of 22 premises involved in the provision of essential services such as health services, pharmacies, defence, security, broadcasting and banking.

This issue has brought to the attention of Islamic Relief Malaysia to launch the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal with the target of RM200,000 in one-month time.

This aid will benefit affected Malaysian citizens and foreign residents especially those who face constraints to get food supplies and non-food items (NFI).

The food distribution in Malaysia will be carried out with the collaboration of government agencies who possess the direct access to the beneficiaries and quarantine centres meanwhile the distribution outside of the country will be carried out through Islamic Relief field office.

Let’s come together as a nation and support each other in this emergency condition.

Your donations can make a change. Let’s help them now.


5. Tenaganita


We have always practised a policy of non-discrimination. We attend to the needs of the people regardless of ethnic background, color, religion, political or other opinion, nationality or social origin, property, birth or status.