Petit Moi Holdings Sdn Bhd 1359575-K


Petit Moi creates timeless, high-quality pieces that will last forever.

 Born in Malaysia, our design exudes a certain joie de vivre, an enjoyment of life. Beyond a piece that will make you look good; we desire to make you feel amazing and live your best life.

Crafted with love, we offer luxury quality at accessible price.

A Petit Moi lifestyle for all.




Born out of a mutual love for fashion, Petit Moi began with a desire to dress up our very own petit moi”, our little me. Being mothers, Iman and Farihin wanted to create quality clothing for their children – timeless pieces that were stylish but allowed children the freedom to run, play and just be children. Having come from a family experienced in clothing production, Pamela brought the technical expertise into the equation. Hence, Petit Moi began in 2016 by creating childrenswear that were stylish and comfortable. Quality pieces that were perfect for any occasion and to last for generations.


In 2019, Petit Moi introduced their adult line, clothing for women and men that holds true to the brand’s value – luxury quality, stylish and comfortable. Something for each family member to make memories in and live their best life. Currently, the brand has grown to include accessories, stationeries and more – all designed with that Petit Moi touch.

A Petit Moi lifestyle for all.