Love, always - A Eid anthology

This Eid, we wanted to get to the essence of it. What makes Eid special?


International Women's Day 2021

In conjunction with International Women's Day 2021, we've teamed up with friends from Nelissa Hilman & Womengirls to bring you a two-part capsule collection to celebrate all our free women out there.


Let's talk about Simone & Chloe

Romance & details have always been part of our MO, but this time we wanted to create an ethereal piece that was timeless, but also comfortable & versatile. 

JAN 16

Get to know Kate & Poppy

We knew we wanted to incorporate smocking design this year - something so simple, yet timeless and brings a sense of nostalgia. 


The Petit Moi book club

Now that we spend more time at home and alone than ever - it's the perfect escapism1 and yet, also a great way to connect with others. Which brings us to our very first the Petit Moi Book Club.

DEC 31

There's something about Julia

2020 will always be known as the year that we spent the most time indoor, and mostly at home. Comfy outfits were a given and our favourite outfit du jour was dresses!


Chez Petit Moi

Chez, en français,is most commonly used to refer to one's home. As such, Chez Petit Moi is our way to invite you to be at home with us.


Asmanasa X Petit Moi

Once upon a time girl found herself with a wardrobe full of whites. She never dressed for trends, but for what made her feel most at peace and beautiful.