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2020 Will always be known as the year that we spent the most time indoor, and mostly at home

Comfy outfits were a given and our favourite outfits du jour was dresses!

Our love for dresses continued even after we started venturing out again because let's be honest, life had to move on...meetings beckoned, things to do.

And we found that dresses made it all the more easier! Effortless dressing to get things done, adhering to SOPs especially when you live with children

And so, we wanted to create a dress, that was perfect for staying at home

But also effortless enough for those day you have to venture outside

Something you can put on with ease, while still look your best.

Comfy, yet chic.
Stylish, yet functional

Volia! We present to you...


The perfect dress at home 

Or to look effortless when going out

The perfect dress to get things done

Represented beautifully by the gorgeous 

Aisha Preece

Meet Aisha Preece.

She gives solid advice on finance, career, and travels on her blog

Aisha also does personal coaching and is very supportive of individuals wanting to improve themselves and grow their skills set. Catch her at @aishapreece

" I can imagine no greater bliss than to lie about, reading novels all day "

Julia Quinn