Let's talk about our very first

The petit moi


Just some of the reasons why we love reading

Especially now, as we spend more time at home and alone than ever - it's the perfect escapism and yet, also a great way to connect with others!

Which brings us to...

Our very first

The petit moi 

Book club

And since we've been gushing about this book series for a several months, and also the Netflix series just reached top 10 in Malaysia (yay!), we thought we'd start with the first book in the series


Also the main storyline of the first season

How to join the book club 

1. Post a picture of you reading/holding a book or just a book!
2. Write a caption on why you love reading.
3. Tag us and remember to put the hashtag #petitmoibookclub so we can easily view.
4. And it's as simple as that! We will get in touch with you to arrange after.

We wish we could open up the bookclub to everyone, but it would just be impossible!

We would also like to keep it personal so our members feel comfortable in sharing their opinions & thoughts

But do not fret! If our little passion project goes well, we will organise a book club every month with a different group, and we would dearly love to get book recommendations from you too!

We look forward to read your posts 

Justa reminder it has to be a post (not stories) and please do tag us and use the hashtag #petitmoibookclub so we can see!

Last day will be Friday and we will get in touch Saturday 

Bonne chance, darlings!

" I can imagine no greater bliss than to lie about, reading novels all day "

Julia Quinn