Love, always

An Eid anthology.


This Eid, we wanted to get to the essence of it. 
What makes Eid special?

We look forward to the celebration, to the food, to the decoration, to the duit raya. 
But most of all , to each other.

The essence of it all is the relationship (silaturrahim).

The different kinds of love - familial love, romantic love, the love between friends.

The joy of being together with your loved ones, or the bittersweet memories of those that have left us.

This Eid, let's celebrate all of them - rejoice the goodness and accept the imperfections of love.

Love is mind-bloggling, laugh out load crazy, brings a smile to your face but also makes you scream the next

It's complex, it's indescribable, it's an enigma.

It's so worth it.

Love, always - an Eid anthology.

Write me a love story like the movies, a juxtaposition of reality and happily ever afters - our kind

Love is embracing each other's individuality and agreeing that it makes being together even more beautiful. 

"Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing "