International Women's Day 2021



In congestion with International Women's Day 2021, we've teamed up with friends from Melissa Hilman & Womengirls to bring to you a two-part capsule collection of jumper and shoes to celebrate all our free women out there

Part 1

The <3 Femme Libre Jumper comes in three colors ; ecru, oxford blue and toffee that is fully embroidered with our collaboration femme libra logo.

With every purchase, RM10 will be channelled to Womengirls, supporting marginalised women by providing them access to tools & life changing skills. A celebration of womanhood and friendship, our <3 femme libra jumper are for you.

Part 2

Sensibility of a dancer, look of an icon. Step lightly into the air with these classics with touch of pizzazz.

We went through several rounds of sampling taking into consideration comfort, design and even availability of the details (buckles, fabric, etc)

....and brought to you with love, shoes of the Une Femme Libre Campaign

Une femme libre, a free woman.

A woman, free to express herself and not be defined by social norms.

A woman, free to embrace her passion and let it reflect in her energy and spirit.

A woman, free to overcome adversity and rise above any challenges.

A woman, free to empower other women and lift each other up.

She might be out breaking glass ceilings and creating equal opportunities. Or she might be home, keeping the fort strong.

She is your mother. She is your sister. She is your friend, your colleague, your neighbour. She is you.

Each woman's story is unique, but still universal. Individually, a free woman is strong. But together, we are unstoppable.

Here's to all our free women out there - we see you, we respect you, and we support you.

- Petit Moi x Nelissa Hilman -