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asmanasa x petit moi


Once upon a time...

A girl found herself with a wardrobe full of whites.

She never dressed for trends. But for what made her feel most at peace and beautiful.

One fine afternoon, she decided it was time to spend her joy for a white blouses, And create a little capsule collection.

"Thought about all the homegrown brands that sparked JOY, and my heart was set on Petit Moi."

"Truth is, I've had a crush on them for awhile now "

And shares my love for all things 
Je Ne Sais Quoi.


The designs

We started with 8 designs and narrowed it down to these four.

Elevated white blouse with a touch of whimsy

Delicate details everywhere 
 - from the fabric, cuffs, collars and stitching

In hopes that you'll love these wardrobe staples that is made to be timeless all year round

"The white blouse can be light and floating, impeccable and austere, sumptuous and all-enveloping, tight and close-fitting. It rises up to frame the face. It sculpts the body by transforming itself into a second skin. Imputed with glamour and poetry, freedom and impetuousness, the prim white shirt turns out to have a thousand identities."

Gianfranco Ferre